MANILA: The Philippines is closing its best-known holiday island Boracay to tourists for up to six months over concerns that the once idyllic white-sand resort has become a “cesspool” tainted by dumped sewage, authorities said on Thursday. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered the shutdown to start on April 26 for a maximum period of […]

It’s always important to take care of your health, but there are additional concerns to keep in mind when you’re travelling. Whether you’re taking a quick trip with your family or studying abroad for several months, it’s easier to get sick when you’re in a new place because your body hasn’t had a chance to […]

Travel insurance is highly beneficial to cover you for any unfortunate situations that may occur during your overseas vacations. While you might not want to give it much thought, the best way to protect yourself against emergencies or accidents when traveling anywhere is to have the right travel insurance. There are no guarantees in life, […]

GENTING DREAM – ASIA’S PREMIUM CRUISELINER   Dream Cruise Introduction 3,400 guest, 35 restaurants & bar options and loads of entertainment Genting Dream has 1,700 staterooms; 35 restaurants and bars; various entertainment areas like Zodiac Theatre, Bowling Alley, Zouk, etc; outdoor adventure activities; relaxation and rejuvenation facilities like The Gentlemen’s Barber, Aeris Spa Cafe and […]

AirAsia moving to terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport effective 7 November 2017 AirAsia moving to terminal 4 at Singapore Changi Airport AirAsia will relocate operations at Singapore Changi Airport from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 effective 7 November 2017. All AirAsia flights scheduled for that day will arrive at and depart from Terminal 4. […]